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I was supposed to get ten days to try a these Diet Acai Berry pills...I didn't get the product until the 8th day for one thing...on the website it clearly states if you call before the 10 days are up you can cancel and not be charged the $88.

I wasn't even given ten days, they charged my credit card on the ninth day.

I spoke to Zandra and was told I wasn't entitled to a refund anymore.

I called back to speak to a supervisor, her name was Shanell and she said she would only refund me $20 that it was too late..even though I was not given ten day.

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I was ripped off as well.I felt like they tried to hide it by putting each transaction under a different name.

I was afraid that I was going to be charged for each one separately, so I called all of the different numbers that appeared on my bank statement. They all led to the same number and same place. When I got someone on the phone, she didn't understand English very well and laughed as I got frustrated with her. Later, I called again.

They told me finally that I could send the product back for a refund. I made sure the man on the phone repeated back to me that I could get a full refund for the pills I sent back. He said I should see it show up on my bank statement within ten days of it arriving back at the place. I sent it back in November and have yet to see any money refunded on my bank statement.

So basically, I sent back the *** pills and STILL had to pay eighty-something dollars. I have never seen such a deceptive company in my life!

I don't know why they would have each charge for a different amount and each charge put under a different company.I am going to place a complaint because this is ridiculous.


On Sept 29 I placed an order for a "10-day free trial" of Diet Max.On Oct 1 a charge of $1.49 appeared on my bank statement for shipping & handling.

Before I received the product another charge for $87.47 appeared on my statement. I immediately called to cancel and was told I would receive a refund in 10-15 business days. On Oct 26 I called again because I had not received the refund. I was told the refund was still in process and would receive it in 5-7 business days.

Called again on Nov 1, the system was down and theyb could not access my account. Called Nov 3 & was told my refund not posted to my account she would forward my concerns to upper management, it would take 5-7 business days. Called again on Nov 9 was told my concerns would be submitted for "immediate refund" in 3-5 business days. Called Nov 15 my account was "flagged account for immediate review & would take 3-5 business days".

Called Nov 22 again told it was "flagged account for immediate review ~ 3-5 business days". Called Dec 1 was on hold for 45 minutes and was told "we do not commission for Diet Max" was given another 800 number (800-865-9229) got a recording saying "for the best rates on your loan call XXX-XXX-XXXX" and then was disconnected. Called 800-320-2983 for two days at all different hours of the day and got a recording saying "all circuts are busy..."

Every time I called 800-256-8416 I was on hold for a minimum of 35 minutes & had to hang up each time before...

When I called the other number (877-874-1511) I was put on hold and got the exact music and "all representitives are currently assisting other customers" recording.I turned the matter over to the Better Business Bureau and they replied saying the letter they sent to the company was returned undeliverale, when I tried to call again the number was disconnected.

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We too were ripped off. Have placed a complaint with attorney general in Florida. They have been investigating them XM brands for a year and a half.

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